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Feeling lost is normal - especially since 2020.

We help you to regain your sense of direction and create the life you want.

our program

whylab is a structured interactive learning experience to discover your unique purpose.

Based on scientifically validated methods, the program will be facilitated by a purpose coach beginning to end.

You will be matched with other members into small groups based on your individual needs and goals. 

Each week, you will learn something new about yourself and have at least one relevant epiphany that will stay with you.

By the end of the program, you will have your unique purpose statement as well as a tangible tool box enabling you to live by it on a daily basis.


the exercises are based on multiple scientifically-proven approaches from Maslow's hierarchy of needs to modern science of happiness


practical, step-by-step exercises that generate results - incl. tangible results going forward based on behavioral science


the program and groups are tailored specifically for you - according to your goals and needs


you and your small group will create a safe space and hold each other accountable - because we all struggle with self-discipline


boost your mental health

Train your mind - because it's just as important as physical exercise

follow through all the way

Finish your journey successfully - because your group holds you accountable


Build on others' experiences - because a fresh perspective can do wonders

what our graduates say






Alex, 32

I felt like I was fairly advanced with regard to self-reflection but the weekly sessions made me prioritize personal development in my busy schedule.

This commitment made me learn a lot about myself.


Lena, 29

We were told at the beginning that we would have at least one epiphany every week outside of the session - I was really intrigued by that. And it's SO true, I had several aha moments this week that really stirred some changes!


Hauke, 31

At first, I was a bit sceptical about the group setting. I didn't think I would feel comfortable sharing my thoughts with strangers - but it was the exact opposite: the other perspectives made it even more impactful.

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During the 15 minute introductory call with us, we discuss your goals and how you can benefit from the program. We will use this info to personally match you with a group and tailor your learning experience.


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