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I feel lost

feeling lost

what brought you here?

self awareness

I want to get to know myself better


I want to find my purpose in life

self worth

I want to work on my self-worth 

what is whylab?

  • whylab is a structured interactive learning experience

  • Based on scientifically validated methods, the program will be facilitated by a whylab coach beginning to end

  • You will be matched with other members into small groups based on your individual needs and goals

  • Each week, you will learn something new about yourself and have at least one relevant epiphany that will stay with you

  • By the end of the program, you will have a tangible toolbox enabling you to work towards your goals on a daily basis


Thursday, 27 January 2021, 6:30 pm CET (45 min)

purpose beginner's class

Not sure what this purpose buzz is all about? Grab a spot in our upcoming beginner's class to get a taste of how you can kick off your purpose journey with one simple exercise.

what our graduates say


"During the program I’ve realized that one of my biggest strengths is being brave – and that my courage has already helped me on in many different situations in my life. I’ve also validated that my current job is actually a perfect match for me. Therefore I’ve regained my enthusiasm for the work I do."

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