Your gym for
mental fitness 

– become the best version of yourself

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what is whylab?

we're a safe space to help you grow into your best version

We believe that finding your personal purpose can benefit you in every aspect of your life.  

Which is why we have created the solution for you.

Whether it's career choices, self-love or personal relationships – we provide you with a unique coaching method, based on behavioral science to find your own purpose in life and implement the changes you want to change. ​​

what awaits you?

whylab is for everyone who currently has an important topic in life and they want to make positive changes in it. We work in groups that are adapted to each other based on their goals and intentions.
whylab helps you improve your emotional fitness, initiate change in key areas of your life, and live a more fulfilling life.

a unique group experience
benefit from our unique group program: we create a safe space for you and your peers, so you can exchange perspectives and benefit from each other's experiences. 

what it looks like


Get together!

Once a week you have a 90-minute online group session with your 5 peers and a purpose coach



Your coach guides you through your exercises – all based on behavioral science and positive psychology 


When you share – you grow!

We create a safe space for you and your peers, so you can exchange perspectives and benefit from each other's experiences.

our membership 
real change through genuine insights and focus on implementation, our membership helps you stay ahead and prioritize yourself.
Let's grow - together!

6 weeks of live sessions in your
personal group with your coach

Free access to the whylab-app to stay ahead

Monthly 1:1 check-ins with a coach


"During the program I’ve realized that one of my biggest strengths is being brave – and that my courage has already helped me on in many different situations in my life. I’ve also validated that my current job is actually a perfect match for me. Therefore I’ve regained my enthusiasm for the work I do."

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