hi there, we're whylab.

female founders

We know what it feels like to be lost. We've been there.


But we also know what it feels like to find the way back. Or rather the way forward.

Getting there wasn't easy. It took us time. And energy. And we tried out everything - books, coachings, podcasts, therapy, avocado-toast, seminars, self-care, habit tracking, you name it. In the end, it was all about getting to know ourselves better and understand what makes us us. And finally understand what our purpose in life is.

Going on this intense journey was the most empowering and life-changing experience for us. So, we decided to find a way to make this journey accessible for as many people as possible.


We believe the world can be a more human place when people re-connect to their why.

Please get in touch and help us on our mission.

Our mission is to empower people to connect to their true selves so that they can create a happy life.
female founder


Personality type: Protagonist (ENFJ)

VIA strengths: Passion, Perspective, Teamwork

Superpower: Product management, design thinking & essentialism

Guilty pleasure: Making dad jokes

Background: Building digital platforms, Digital Health Startup

female founder


Personality type: Entrepreneur (ESTP)

VIA strengths: Enthusiasm, Kindness, Social Intelligence

Superpower: Business planning, new technology & purpose tools

Guilty pleasure: Listening to ABBA (on repeat)

Background: Venture Building, Organizational Purpose

female founder


Personality type: Campaigner (ENFP)

VIA strengths: Social Intelligence, Curiosity, Kindness

Superpower: Product development, coaching & creative content

Guilty pleasure: Eating nut butter from the jar

Background: Clinical & Organizational Psychologist, Strategy Consulting


our values

authenticity: whylab was born through our own experiences with crises. Every little piece of our product is coming from real and true struggles of our own and our drive to help others with similar struggles.


positivity: We believe that having a positive mindset is key. And we believe that you can learn to take life with a positive attitude.


change: We are not afraid of change and want to demonstrate the opportunities one can get when embracing change.


learning: We know that wisdom comes through keeping an open mind and always being adaptive. We are strong advocates for a growth mindset.


passion: One of our greatest strengths is our passion aligned with our purpose. Empowering others to find their purpose is just giving us goosebumps. Every. Single. Time.