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Feeling empty and
burned out? 

You don't have to figure this out on your own - let's make a difference together!

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Are you exhausted and listless?

"I just can't take it anymore!" 

Do you feel like you're constantly overworked, burned out and exhausted? You lack any energy and at the same time you just can't manage to give yourself the rest you need? 
Constant fatigue, lack of motivation, emotional exhaustion, even withdrawal from the social network and inner restlessness are widespread burnout symptoms. If these seem familiar, don't be ashamed of them. But you should not ignore them either. 
If you already recognize the first warning signals of your body and want to understand what you can change, you are at the right place. 

How can whylab support you?

First, we find a suitable group and a coach with whom you can exchange ideas. There you will meet group members who also want to deal with the topic of stress management - because you don't have to go through this difficult time alone! 

Under the guidance of a coach, you will learn scientifically based stress management methods and be able to share your individual situation. By sharing your thoughts and feelings, you will also learn what solutions are available to change your situation.

whylab offers you a safe space where confidentiality is paramount. What is shared in your group stays in the group.

The dynamics of your professionally led group allow you to let go. Your group catches you, doesn't judge and offers you the space you need to take a step forward - together.

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Alexandra, 32:
"I simply had no more strength for my work. I was at the end! That's exactly when I discovered whylab. Then I was matched with my group, where I was understood. Together with our coach, we worked on preventing burnout and exhaustion. Since I meet virtually with my group once a week, we motivate each other and integrate mindfulness tasks into everyday life, I feel much better. I can finally go to work feeling good again and switch off in the evenings."

Get together!

We accompany you for at least 6 months in your personal development and help you to bring about the change you desire.

Dare to share!

We create a safe space so you can share with like-minded people and benefit from their experiences.


Your coach supports you with behavioral science exercises so that you get into practical action. 

What is whylab?

whylab is your safe place to share thoughts and feelings and find support in challenging life situations - through your coach & group. 
We know that feeling alone with difficult thoughts and feelings can be incredibly stressful. That's why whylab brings you together with other people who understand you and are in a similar situation as you. 

Online groups make it possible for each participant to dial in to the group session from his/her safe location. Location independence also allows each whylab member to be matched with the optimal group - one in which everyone is in a similar situation and can relate to each other's feelings.

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your benefits

greater satisfaction

stronger relationships

higher resilience

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more clarity

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higher self reflection

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