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Integrating your learnings and finding your own purpose does not happen over night – it takes a little time and practice. Especially when the daily routine, the to do’s and stress take over again, it can be challenging not to fall back into old habits.

We feel you! To support you in your personal development journey, we have created some helpful tools and templates to support you in reaching your goals thoughout the day. From daily journal questions, to habit and mood trackers - we've got you covered.

Are you ready to start? Here you can easily download the free bonus material:

Annual planning guide

For anyone who is a little late and hasn't yet been able to take the time to work out a detailed plan for the upcoming year, whylab has something special: a template for free download that you can use to write down your goals for this year in a structured way.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-01-11 um 16.55.52.png

Habit tracker

Old habits die hard - not with us!

Did you know it usually takes 28 days to truely create a new habit?

Don’t fret – our habit and mood tracker will help you stay on top of your new habits and motivate you!

Habit Tracker Daily.jpg

Mood tracker

How are you feeling today?


It’s time to check in with yourself and reflect on your thoughts and needs.

Mood Tracker.jpg

Journal canvas

Take a few minutes each day for yourself and your personal development!

Besides the personal check-in and a gratitude exercise, you can choose one of the strengths you want to focus on every day!

Journal Canvas En.jpg

Self-compassion canvas

Sometimes we can be hard on ourselves, but we should always remember our strenghts and value!


Take a little break and show yourself some compassion!

Self Compassion.jpg

Self-care challenge

In order to show up as the best version of ourselves and to pursue our purpose, it is vital to take care of ourselves first!


Join us on our 30 day selfcare challenge so you can really charge up your batteries.

Self-care Challenge.jpg
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