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1:1 Coaching Session

Schedule your 1:1 Coaching session with our co-founder and psychologist Sarah. 

During your 1:1 Coaching session you will reflect on your individual situation and derive a plan of action. 

In 30 minutes you will...

  • assess your life status quo 📍
  • define growth areas 📈
  • define actionable goals 💪

Coaching benefits include:

  • increase in life satisfaction 😊

  • higher self-confidence 🦸

  • better relationships 🤝

Invest now in yourself to live a life according to your desires and needs.

  • 30-min virtual 1:1 coaching 

  • scientifically validated methods (Positive Psychology)

  • step-by-step exercise and real life actionable steps 

this is how it works


​Purchase your 1:1 Coaching session above and receive our confirmation via e-mail


Schedule your appointment for your 1:1 Coaching session(s) with Sarah and get to know yourself better


Start your coaching and take first action according to your needs as well as wishes 

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