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How do YOU love?

Aktualisiert: 14. Sept. 2021

Love is a complex thing. You know the feeling when you are unsure about somebody’s love because they show their love differently than you do? That’s where love languages come into play!

There are many different love languages, so it is critical you know yours - and the ones of your partner, family and friends 🥰

Many of us have one or two main love languages. That means how we express our love and show appreciation.

There are five love languages:

  1. Physical Touch 🤗- You know the people that feel the most appreciated when they get hugged or cuddled? Their love language is definitely physical touch!

  2. Quality Time ⏱- People whose love language is quality time feel the most loved when you actively make time for them and not be distracted when you are with them!

  3. Words of Affirmation 💬 - Some people verbally express their love for you for example with a lot of compliments and frequent “I love you’s”

  4. Acts of Service 💪 - These people LOVE to help. Doing your laundry, helping you with your homework or just doing the dishes for you. They love to show you their love with little acts of service!

  5. Gifts 🎁 - Getting you flowers? You lost your favourite pen and the next day they gave you a brand new one? Yeah, their love language is gifting!

By the way: love languages are not only important for romantic relationships, but any relationship in your life: be it friend, family member or colleague 🥰⁠⁠

But is talking about love languages really that important? 🤔

Here is my own personal experience: I found out that a lot of times arguments can be avoided with a conversation about your love languages!

My partner expresses his love physically, he loves to cuddle. But I, on the other hand, am not comfortable cuddling and touching someone all the time. Don’t get me wrong: sometimes I need a good hug from him, but most of the time I feel suffocated when someone is touching me aaalllllllll the time :)

This caused a rift in the first few months of our relationship because we were not sure whether the other person really loved us or not.

But then I saw a test that determines which love language you have (click here to take the test!); my partner and I took it and of course the results were different! We talked a little more about when we feel the most appreciated and loved and BOOM: We now know what the other person wants!💥

So if you have any doubts about whether a person loves you, talk about how you feel when they do certain things like cuddling you or getting you flowers! I promise you it is going to save you SO much time and thinking! So tell your partner, friend or family member what makes you feel the most appreciated - and let them tell you as well!

If you want to share your experience on love languages with me, feel free to reach out - I hope I was able to give you a little intro on the topic of love languages.

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