frequently asked questions

How do I sign up?

Simply click on the "sign up" button. Then answer a short question about yourself and leave your name an email address. In the following step, you will have the option to directly schedule a free 15 min intro call with one of our founders via our calendly tool. A welcome email will be sent to you that confirms your registration as well.

What is the intro call for?

One of our three founders - either Nikola, Sarah or Luca - will meet you for your personal 15 min video call. You will talk about your goals and motivations and will figure out together how you can best benefit from whylab. There will also be time and space for all open questions related to the program.

What happens after my intro call?

After you have decided to take part in the whylab program, you'll enter our virtual 'matching room'. This is where we are going to match you with your perfect group - based on everything we've learned about your goals and needs as well as your availability. The matching process can take a few days, in some cases up to 1-2 weeks. As soon as we have found a group for you, we'll let you know via email and you are ready to go! We'll also send you your work materials and a pre-assignment for your first session.

Who is whylab for?

Do you recognize yourself in one of the following?

  • You're currently going through a big change in your personal or professional life (a growing family, loss of job, health problems etc.)

  • You have been working for a couple of years but you're not sure where you're headed

  • You're challenged by new working circumstances due to Covid-19 (short term work, work from home)

  • You're thinking about changing your job

  • You're struggling with your personal relationships

  • You feel like there should be "more" to life

  • You simply feel a little "lost" right now

  • You want to know yourself better

If you nodded at least once in your head, then whylab is for you.

whylab is specifically designed for people who want to make time & space for reflecting

How much time do I need?

The program consists of 6 live sessions and will be held once per week for approx. 1.5 hours. We also encourage members to complete small "homework exercises" in order to fully benefit from the experience and achieve the maximum outcome. Homework will roughly take up to 1 extra hour in-between sessions.

What is the format?

You and your small group will connect online in a live session with one of our purpose coaches. You will have a personal workbook in which you document your progress. Small homework exercises complement the learning experience.


How much does it cost?

We will be able to offer the whole learning experience including the 6 live sessions (1.5 hours each) guided by a personal purpose coach for 390 € (incl. VAT). You may also opt for the whylab premium program which includes 3 additional 1:1 coaching sessions at costs 590 € (incl. VAT).


What will I get out of it?

At the end of the program you will have:

  • written your personal purpose statement

  • tangible tool box so you live and implement it on a daily basis

  • instant takeaways and epiphanies every week

  • broader perspective / external perception from your group

  • expert knowledge from our purpose coaches

  • implemented various exercises

Can I get an invoice? 

Yes, you can get an invoice for your tax on training costs. Just drop us an email to

I have more questions, who can I contact?

Just drop us an email to

We are happy to hear from you!