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"I'm not good enough!"

You're not alone in this - we'll help you boost your confidence.

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What is self-confidence?

Self-confidence is the confidence in one's own abilities. Synonymous are often used the words self-confidence, self-esteem or self-assurance. People who have a high level of self-confidence are often more satisfied with their own performance. Self-confidence also leads to being able to enter into discussions and conflicts with more calm.

Yet many young adults are plagued by the feeling that they are not good enough. This often brings up thoughts like, "Everyone else is more successful than I am." or "I feel like there's nothing I'm really good at." These thoughts often occur not only in relation to private life, but also in a professional context. In this context, people focus very strongly on their weaknesses and find it difficult, for example, to accept compliments. In relation to professional life, psychologists also speak of imposter syndrome. 

Common thoughts in low self-esteem:

  • "It was just luck that I achieved this!"

  • "Someone else could do my tasks much better anyway!"

  • "I don't understand at all why others like me!"

  • "I can't do that anyway."

How can you increase your self-esteem?

With the whylab membership we help you to fight your fears and to strengthen your self-confidence! 

In our 6-month membership you benefit from: 

  • the support of our psychologists and certified coaches

  • our scientifically based coaching sessions, which help you to better understand your situation and to bring about change

  • the exchange and support in your group, whose members deal with similar topics

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Marie, 27:
"With the help of my group and my whylab coach, I have finally learned to understand my successes as such. whylab has given me the opportunity to understand where my self-doubt comes from and to actively work on the causes. I feel so much more confident after just a few weeks and can finally go through my daily life more calmly."    

Get together!

We accompany you for at least 6 months in your personal development and help you to bring about the change you desire.

Dare to share!

We create a safe space so you can share with like-minded people and benefit from their experiences.


Your coach supports you with behavioral science exercises so that you get into practical action. 

What is whylab?

whylab is your safe place to share thoughts and feelings and find support in challenging life situations - through your coach & your group. 
We know that feeling alone with difficult thoughts and feelings can be incredibly stressful. That's why whylab matches you with other people who can relate to you and are in a similar situation. 

Online groups make it possible for each participant to dial in to the group session from his/her safe location. Location independence also allows each whylab member to be matched with the optimal group - one in which everyone is in a similar situation and can relate to each other's feelings.

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your benefits

greater life satisfaction

stronger relationships

higher resilience

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