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Tired of Mondays?

Find out what you're truly looking for and

a job you'll love!


Co-founder & psychologist Sarah explains what to expect 

It is alarming, how many people come to us explaining that they have to drag themselves to work almost every single day.  

The problem is that we're often asking the wrong questions when choosing a career.

We focus on two things at whylab: a clear structure and the exchange with other people.

Already after your first session you will see impressive progress!

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What are the benefits to participate?

How is the session structured?

  • 90 min live class led by your personal coach 

  • Hands-on status quo assess

  • Interactive small group to exchange with peers

  • Tangible action steps to follow after session

  • Background knowledge on positive psychology



"During the program I’ve realized that one of my biggest strengths is being brave – and that my courage has already helped me on in many different situations in my life. I’ve also validated that my current job is actually a perfect match for me. Therefore I’ve regained my enthusiasm for the work I do."

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