whylab is your Gym for mental fitness – in your job, your career or with personal topics.

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let's grow together: become a whylab-member

As a member of whylab, you'll receive 6-12 months of guidance to better understand yourself and successfully initiate change on the issues that are important to you right now. You'll get access to our popular group program, workshops, materials, and the whylab app. Let's grow, together!

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whats included?

  • 6-week group program (6 live virtual sessions of 90 minutes each) with your coach

  • Monthly check-ins with a coach

  • Free access to the whylab app

  • Access to one-on-one coaching

  • Workshops and training materials

  • Exchange in the whylab community

As a whylab member we support you as long as you need to achieve your goals. Choose which membership suits you best:

most popular

6-month membership

39€ per Session

*no subscription and no hidden costs

12-month membership

43,75€ per Session
+ two 1:1 coaching-sessions

*no subscription and no hidden costs

We believe wholeheartedly in whylab, which is why we offer you a 100% refund should you not be satisfied. If you complete the program and do not see any added value please contact us for a short conversation and receive a refund.

what a group session looks like


Get together!

Once a week you have a 90-minute online group session with your 5 peers and a purpose coach



Your coach guides you through your exercises – all based on behavioral science and positive psychology 


When you share – you grow!

We create a safe space for you and your peers, so you can exchange perspectives and benefit from each other's experiences.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 18pm CET (30 min)

Intro Class

What is purpose? How do groups work at whylab? What topics does whylab cover?

Our program is better experienced than explained, so come join us for our free Intro Class!

Co-founder & psychologist Sarah explains what to expect