New Year New Me?

Every year you start off saying that everything will change this year. You create ambitious goals and after only 2 weeks, you're frustrated and overwhelmed. Sounds familiar? Let's opt for some real and sustainable change this year! We will help you to reflect on your past year and create actionable goals that are truly meaningful to you!

Our Purpose Coaching is the perfect start into a new year - not with a new you, but with the truest and best version of your wonderful self! 🎁

In 30 minutes you will...

  • assess your life status quo 📍
  • define growth areas 📈
  • define actionable goals 💪

Coaching benefits include:

  • increase in life satisfaction 😊

  • higher self-confidence 🦸

  • better relationships 🤝

Invest in yourself to start 2022 with focus, confidence and purpose. 

  • 30-min virtual coaching with a whylab purpose coach

  • scientifically validated methods (Positive Psychology)

  • step-by-step exercise and real life actionable steps 


this is how it works



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