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Get to know yourself: 3 free personality tests that you can try

Do you know that our behaviour can be explained not just by our experiences but also by our personalities? Today, we are going to share 3 free personality tests that are widely used by psychologists. If you want to get to know more about your personality with structured measurements, then you’re in the right place to get to know yourself even better.

One important note: The results of personality tests should never be taken for granted. They are helpful tools to get you thinking about specific traits of your personality - not a truth carved in stone. Stay curious!

Now, let’s begin your personality journey.

1. The Big Five Personality Test

The Big Five is the most established test that is commonly used to pin down character traits. There are five major categories and each of them can be divided into 6 different elements. It’s most accepted in terms of validity and reliability.

The big five dimensions of personality

1. Openness to experience: the level of imagination and openness to new things

→ Do you like to accept new challenges, or do you like to have a steady life?

2. Conscientiousness: the level of orderliness

→ Do you tend to finish your tasks before the deadline?

3. Extraversion: the level of sociality

→ Do you feel exhausted when you socialise a lot?

4. Agreeableness: the tendency to cooperation and social harmony

→ Do you take care of other people's feelings or you are not interested in others?

5. Neuroticism: the level of experiencing negativities

→ Do you feel stressed easily or you can control your negative emotions?

Link and source of the test:

2. 16 Personality Test (MBTI)

MBTI is one of the most popular personality tests. The theory is based on the psychologist - Carl Jung’s 8 personalities. However, there have been issues with its reliability and validity - often people fall in a different category when retaking the test. Nevertheless, the test offers some interesting categories.

According to Jung, we all have complicated personalities that can never be only one single type. However, your behaviour might lean towards certain types of characteristics.

Such as:

1. Extraversion Vs. Introversion → the level of sociality

Do you tend to like fast environments?

2. Sensing Vs. Intuition → how you would like to receive information.

Do you focus on facts or abstract ideas?

3. Thinking Vs. Feeling → how you make decisions

Do you make decisions based on your feelings or logical reasons?

4. Judging Vs. Perceiving → what is your attitude to the outside world

Do you tend to form your judgement or do you act spontaneously?

Link to the free test:


3. DiSC Personality Test:

The DiSC personality test is based on four dimensions to analyse your characteristics. Many companies use this as an assessment to get to know their employees’ strengths and weaknesses so that they are able to work effectively. It’s a great conversation starter to understand how you and your colleagues might be similar or different.

The four main personality profiles are:

1. Dominance: the level of confidence while dealing with tasks

→ Do you tend to feel confident to accomplish tasks?

2. Influence: the level of influencing others

→ Are you good at persuading others?

3. Steadiness: the level of temper control

→ Are you good at making harmonious relationships with others?

4. Compliance: the level of organising your responsibilities

→ Do you tend to focus on quality, perfection, and accuracy when you accomplish tasks?

Link to the free test:


Do you enjoy exploring your personalities?

Share with me which test you enjoy the most in the comment.

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