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Procrastination is not laziness!

I got nothing done today. I'm such a failure! Know that sentence?

Did you ever feel like a total failure at the end of a day because you did everything BUT what was on your to do list?

You might have told yourself that you're lazy and lacking discipline. Maybe you wrote an even longer to-do list for the next day and told yourself "to get it together already"!⁠

You know what? Procrastination barely ever relates to laziness or disinterest. The real reasons for distracting yourself are much more complex.⁠ You might feel anxious about failing. Your expectations might be so high that nothing is "good enough". ⁠The task might be too abstract to get started.

Sounds familiar? Stop beating yourself up!

There are a lot of reasons why we procrastinate:

  1. Fear of Failure - You do not even start because you are so scared to fail, but maybe you won't fail. Have you ever thought about that?

  2. Perfectionism - You want the project to be perfect but deep down you know that it cannot achieve perfectness, so you do not start either! Stay realistic, I mean nothing is perfect!

  3. Feeling overwhelmed - Ever felt like you have too much on your hands so you rather not start because you are afraid of feeling overwhelmed? Try dividing your big task into little steps!

  4. Abstract goals or tasks - You want to eat healthier but you cannot seem to get started? Maybe try setting smaller goals, like eating a healthy meal twice a week!

  5. Lack of reward in the near future - "Why should I even do it if I do not see a result or get a reward next week?" Try thinking sustainably! Just because you do not see result in a week or two, does not mean that there aren't any. It just takes time!

Ask yourself the following question the next time you procrastinate:

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