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whylab core

For everyone who

  • is hungry for purpose: we help you to tackle big questions in a structured way with the help of a purpose coach

  • seeks for connection: your group will offer a change in perspective along the journey

  • wants accountability: whylab offers a dedicated time & space to reflect on yourself

What you get

  • 6 week program with weekly 90 minute virtual live sessions

  • matching to a small group composed of 6 members, based on your individual needs and personality

  • program based on scientifically validated methods

  • focus on execution in your daily life

  • facilitation by a purpose coach through all sessions

  • access to our whylab community for support and additional resources

  • 80 pages workbook with step-by-step exercises and real life examples

Program available both in German and English

65 € per session

total: 390 € for the 6-week group program

more affordable than

individual therapy:    200 € per session

executive coaching:  350 € per session

whylab premium

For advanced purpose seekers who

  • want to dig deeper: we offer additional reflection space outside the weekly group sessions to go into depth

  • value a private space: you will connect with your private purpose coach in a confidential 1:1 setting

  • need a tailored action plan: together with your coach you will detail out actionable steps that reflect your individual needs

What you get

  • EVERYTHING included in our signature whylab core journey


  • two 0.5 hour 1:1 coaching sessions accompanying your group sessions

  • shared observations from your purpose coach from the group setting

  • addtl. templates for your tailored action plan to bring your purpose to life

Program available both in German and English

core price + 200 €

total: 590 € for 6-week group program + 2 individual sessions



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