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"Where do I actually want to go? What is driving me? What is my Purpose?"

You are not alone with these questions about your personal purpose - we help you to find and live your purpose!

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What is your own purpose?

Purpose is not some grand vision or goal you are working toward. Rather, your Purpose is what you stand for, the contribution you personally want to make in relation to others and your various areas of life. Finding your personal Purpose can be a longer process, as you need to be clear about many things, such as your values and your external perception, before you can define your own Purpose statement.

Purpose statements from our whylab members:

A purpose statement is a sentence that summarizes your personal purpose. It helps you to formulate your Purpose precisely and to realize your Purpose at work and in other areas of life. Many famous public figures also have a Purpose Statement. With the help of this sentence, you can always keep your Purpose in mind, internalize it and live it.
Because if you know your personal purpose, you are able to align your life accordingly and to lead a happy and satisfied life!

  • "To infect as many people as possible with my humor to leave the world a bit more carefree and lighter."

  • "To radiate energy and light up the room so that others walk away energized and more warm."

  • "To be a pragmatic idealist to make my world and our world better."

How can I find my Purpose?

With the whylab membership we help you find your purpose and build concrete actions into your life to live your purpose!
In our 6-month membership you benefit from: 
the support of our psychologists and certified coaches
our scientifically based coaching sessions, which help you to better understand your situation and to bring about change
the exchange and support in your group, whose members deal with similar topics.

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Alina, 32:
"With the help of my whylab coach and my group, I found my personal Purpose. In our weekly meetings, we defined our Purpose and also directly thought about concrete ways to live our Purpose. I feel so much happier since knowing my personal Purpose and being able to apply it to my everyday professional life."

Get together!

We accompany you for at least 6 months in your personal development and help you to bring about the change you desire.

Dare to share!

We create a safe space so you can share with like-minded people and benefit from their experiences.


Your coach supports you with behavioral science exercises so that you get into practical action. 

What is whylab?

whylab is your safe place to share thoughts and feelings and find support in challenging life situations - through your coach & group. 
We know that feeling alone with difficult thoughts and feelings can be incredibly stressful. That's why whylab brings you together with other people who understand you and are in a similar situation as you. 

Online groups make it possible for each participant to dial in to the group session from his/her safe location. Location independence also allows each whylab member to be matched with the optimal group - one in which everyone is in a similar situation and can relate to each other's feelings.


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