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Emotional support group:
How to cope in times of war?

We are shocked to witness the terrible and heartbreaking events in Ukraine.
Whether you're directly or indirectly affected or simply overwhelmed with heavy emotions these days, it might difficult to cope. Especially alone. 
This is why we would like to offer emotional support groups to relieve some of the psychological burden you might experience. The sessions are led by psychologists & coaches. 

Join us for one of our free sessions below & reach out in case of questions! 
Let's connect & share 💙

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The emotional support groups will be hosted by our psychologists & coaches:

Jasmin (German):
Tuesday, 8.3.

Bianka (German):

Thursday, 10.3.

Sarah (English):
Tuesday, 15.3.

Bianka Böttcher

Jasmin Blümlein

Sarah Reitz 

What to expect?

  • Emotional check-in: What am I feeling these days?

  • Coping mechanisms: How to cope in times of crises? 

  • Peer support: Bringing in perspective

  • Resource sharing: What can be done? 

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