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Losing a loved one may feel unbearable  

You don't have to go through this pain alone.
Talk to people who understand you. 

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You've lost a loved one and don't know how to cope with your grief?

We know that everyone grieves differently and needs different amounts of time to accept the loss of a loved one. But there are certain things that many affected people have in common: they need the necessary time, exchange with others and support to process their grief.


Even though it is perfectly normal to grieve for a loved one, there are always questions and hurdles to face in the grief recovery process: 

  • how do I teach my children about death?

  • how long am I allowed to grieve?

  • am I grieving too much or too little?

  • will this pain ever stop?

  • i feel abandoned and misunderstood.

These are just a few of the issues that grieving people face. 

How will whylab support you?

You don't have to go through your grief alone!
There is a group that is right for you, where each group member has also lost a loved one. whylab brings you together with these people so that you can exchange ideas under the guidance of a coach. Because by sharing your thoughts and feelings, you can walk through the difficult situation together and mentally bring the lost people to you. 

whylab offers you a safe space where you can share your feelings with your group and listen to the other group members. The top priority of your group is trust - what is shared in your group stays in your group!
The dynamic of your professionally facilitated group allows you to drop into a web of people who understand and can relate to how you are doing. By sharing with each other, you can take a step forward - together!

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Johannes A.:
"After the much too early loss of my mother, I often felt overwhelmed in everyday life, but had no one to talk to about my thoughts and feelings. whylab has given me this place of exchange, with my group I can talk about all this and I know that they understand how I feel. Since talking to my group about my loss, my worries and fears, I can go through my everyday life easier again."

Get together!

We accompany you for at least 6 months in your personal development and help you to bring about the change you desire.

Dare to share!

We create a safe space so you can share with like-minded people and benefit from their experiences.


Your coach supports you with behavioral science exercises so that you get into practical action. 

What is whylab?

whylab is your safe place to share thoughts and feelings and find support in challenging life situations - through your coach & group. 
We know that feeling alone with difficult thoughts and feelings can be incredibly stressful. That's why whylab brings you together with other people who understand you and are in a similar situation as you. 

Online groups make it possible for each participant to dial in to the group session from his/her safe location. Location independence also allows each whylab member to be matched with the optimal group - one in which everyone is in a similar situation and can relate to each other's feelings.

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