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"It hurts so much! Will it ever stop?"

You are not alone with your pain - we give you the needed guidance and support to get over your struggles.


Are you suffering from a broken heart?

Breakups are painful. Whether the decision was made by oneself, together with one's partner, or one was abandoned - a breakup after a relationship is very painful and can lead to a fundamental life crisis and depression. 
Those affected are often overwhelmed by their feelings, such as heartbreak, grief, anger, helplessness and fear.
Thousands of questions buzz in the mind: Why did it end? What should I have done differently? Was it my fault? How can I get over my pain? How can I go on now? What am I supposed to do? 

The reasons for a breakup are many and varied, and each couple is a little different, but after the breakup, everyone faces the next big challenge: 

Overcoming the pain of a breakup, dealing with the emotions that arise, and finally restructuring one's own life. 

Dealing with a breakup is anything but an easy task. An often accompanying thought is the fear of never again being quite as happy as in the past.

How whylab can help you 

Whylab offers you help after your breakup. There is a group that suits you, where each group member is also suffering emotionally because of a breakup or divorce.
Whylab brings you together with these people so that you can exchange your thoughts and feelings under the guidance of a coach. Because by sharing your thoughts and feelings, you can go through this difficult situation together and overcome your breakup.

Whylab offers you a safe space to share your feelings with your group and listen to the other group members. The top priority of your group is trust – what is shared in your group stays in your group!
The dynamic of your professionally facilitated group allows you to drop into a web of people who understand and can relate to how you are doing. By sharing with each other, you can take a step forward - together!

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Anton, 30:
"After my breakup I felt incredibly lost and depressed and had so many unanswered questions. Together with my whylab coach and my group, I managed to process my breakup and find answers to my questions. Now I feel ready to take a new step and leave the relationship behind."

Get together!

We accompany you for at least 6 months in your personal development and help you to bring about the change you desire.

Dare to share!

We create a safe space so you can share with like-minded people and benefit from their experiences.


Your coach supports you with behavioral science exercises so that you get into practical action. 

What is whylab?

whylab is your safe place to share thoughts and feelings and find support in challenging life situations - through your coach & group. 
We know that feeling alone with difficult thoughts and feelings can be incredibly stressful. That's why whylab brings you together with other people who understand you and are in a similar situation as you. 

Online groups make it possible for each participant to dial in to the group session from his/her safe location. Location independence also allows each whylab member to be matched with the optimal group - one in which everyone is in a similar situation and can relate to each other's feelings.


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